Best ways Omega-3 capsule & non-toxic sunscreen can take you closer to health and beauty goals.

Are you worked up and stressed? Or do you find protecting your skin against harmful tan and aging a struggle? Most of us nowadays are on the run and depend on fast-to-cook or processed foods, leading to nutritional deficiencies that take a toll on health and skin. The most important nutrients that we often miss out on in our diets are Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) & Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA). While eating a balanced diet, regular workouts, and managing stress makes the perfect way to stay on top of health, sometimes your body needs an additional boost. Omega-3 capsules are one of the revered supplements in the healthcare arena for their best health benefits. On the other hand, non-toxic sunscreen lotions are known for their protective action on the skin against harsh UV radiations, dust, pollution, and the odds of aging. Here, we will be discussing the best benefits of using these health and beauty supplements every day. Let’s begin!

Health benefits associated with Omega-3 capsules

Omega-3 are the essential fatty acids that we often get through natural food sources such as fatty fish, seeds, and nuts. Since most of us don’t find enough time to eat nutritiously, supplementing with Omega-3 supplements by reputed brands is one of the most healthy things to do. Here are some quick health benefits associated with Omega-3 fish oil supplements-

Better cognition-

The human brain consists of a high concentration of Omega-3 fats. Studies have found that eating Omega-3 rich foods or regular intake of omega-3 fish oil supplements feeds the brain cells with appreciable amounts of DHA and EPA. An increase in the levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in the brain prevents the risk of age-related mental decline, and memory loss, and boosts cognition.

Heart health

Keeping in good heart health is everyone’s health goal. While eating a healthy diet and doing cardio exercises regularly are a few common remedies to keep the heart healthy, supplementing with Omega-3 fish oil capsules has some added advantages. The valuable nutrients in fish oil supplements lower triglycerides, regulate blood pressure and promote heart health. If you’re looking for natural remedies to improve heart health, make Omega-3 fish oil capsules a part of your daily routine and go heart-healthy.

Stronger bones-

Weaker bones & stiff muscles can be extremely discomforting. In the mid-thirties, your body’s calcium and vitamin D stores deplete which puts you at a greater risk of bone fractures, osteoporosis, and many others. Nutrition experts conclude that eating two servings of fatty fish per week or supplementing with fish oil capsules helps maintain optimum bone mineral density. Fish oil is a natural source of vitamin D which helps the body absorb more calcium in the body for stronger bones and healthy muscles.

These are a few impressive ones from the ocean of health benefits associated with Omega-3 fish oil supplements.

Non-toxic sunscreen: the key to protecting your skin against photodamage

Do you take every possible measure to protect your skin from harsh UV radiation, environmental pollution, and many more? But, ditching the nasty tan is next to impossible without applying a non-toxic sunscreen over your face and body. If you travel a lot or spend a lot of time outdoors, applying sunscreens with at least 40 SPF can render you the following health benefits-

Protect the skin against sunburn:

Too much exposure to sun or UV radiation can result in sunburn and cause a great degree of discomfort. Wearing sunscreen with at least 40 SPF can shield your skin against harmful UV radiation. I prefer using a non-sticky sunscreen lotion  by a reputable brand for a couple of minutes before moving out in the sun or even when I stay indoors. It is because the fluorescent lights in your room also emit ultraviolet radiations that can harm your delicate skin. The one I am using these days comes enriched with the goodness of strawberry, hyaluronic acid, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide which protects the skin against harmful effects of hash rays and also reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Reduce the signs of aging:

If you crave radiant and youthful skin, make sunscreen your BFF before going out in the sun. Stepping out in the scorching sunlight without protection may deplete your skin’s natural collagen levels, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin.

Lower the appearance of sunspots:

Overexposure to the sun’s UV radiations may also lead to sunspots or liver spots which may make you look older than your actual age. However, wearing good-quality sunscreen every day may reduce the appearance of these sunspots and the active ingredients in scientifically-formulated sunscreens may even lighten these sunspots to certain degrees.

These are the two appreciable health and beauty supplements that can help you to reach your fitness and beauty goals. Make these supplements a part of your daily routine and embark on a new journey to wellness.

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