Broken legs? How to Heal at Home with Help

Something we never want to consider is what would happen if a loved one had an accident. What could you do? How could you accommodate? Sometimes, injuries that don’t require a hospital may still require a little extra work at home. If someone breaks a leg and heals at home, it is a long journey ahead. Luckily, there are a few steps to take to ensure the road to recovery is a smooth one.

Change Up Your Bathroom

Things will have to change for a bit to accommodate a serious injury and usually require extra help. This can get awkward when it comes to the bathroom, so change it up a bit!

If possible, install a small bench or fix a chair in the centre. If you don’t have it already, change the showerhead so it’s a long, moveable cord. This makes the showering process that much easier and erases a lot of uncomfortable encounters!

The toilet is another matter. For someone in a large cast, it may be helpful to rest or raise a leg during this time. A good recommendation is to purchase a small, low footstool. This makes resting or raising a leg that much easier.

Temporarily Redo Your Stairs

For serious leg injuries, stairs are nearly impossible, but this can be handled in two ways:

  • Install a Banbury and Aylesbury can do both short and long-term rentals, so you don’t need to worry about a permanent fixture. For someone that is struggling to walk, this will be a much easier way to move up to a bedroom.
  • Put in a bannister or two! If you already have one in your home, install a bannister to your staircase. This helps provide grip and balance while moving up the stairs, and the extra support can help with fatigue.

Be Ready to Arrange and Rearrange

A good deal of patience can go a long way. Injuries heal at different times and in different ways. Move furniture as needed but understand that some changes may not work as planned. There may need to be an entirely new arrangement of a bedroom, for example. Expecting anything and everything is the best way to be prepared for the necessary changes for the next few months.

Just a few small changes can leave a big impact on your injured companion and help them heal a little bit better!

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