CBD tincture versus CBD oil

It is hard to miss details on CBD tinctures when you are researching on CBD oil. It is easy to assume that both of these products are the same from their application while the truth is that they are different from one another. Anybody searching for a CBD tincture might be confused by all the listings for hemp oil. Are they related? CBD Tincture vs. Hemp Oil is a good read from our friends at Synchronicity. You should know the difference between the two before making up your mind on which you need and for what purposes. Find out from the text below how CBD tincture differs from CBD oil.

Understanding CBD and CBD oil

CBD is a compound you can find in cannabis plants which has more than 100 compounds that the human body receptors could find ideal. CBD however has no intoxicating properties like THC which is often in plenty in plants like cannabis. As it has been ascertained, CBD has therapeutic properties making it a good solution to pain, anxiety, and depression, seizures, and insomnia and skin acne. CBD products vary from one manufacturer to the other however the market is well versed with CBD oil.

CBD oil refers to the blend of CBD extracts and carrier oil used to make the solution. For the oil to be made you may need compounds like terpenes and other flavonoids derived from other plants. The ideal extraction hack to use for these products is supercritical CO2 which does not tamper with the sustainability quality and general bioavailability of the plan when used in the human body.

CBD tincture

This is an alcohol based extract whose uses are almost similar to CBD oil. In this case alcohol is the solvent that manufacturers use to extract the various compounds that the cannabis plant has to offer. It is also a solution that is used in the finished product so do not be alarmed by the scent of alcohol in CBD tinctures. The alcohol percentage in tinctures range between 60-70% and that means improved durability or shelf life. There are many companies that mask the bitterness by using sweeteners, vitamins, melatonin supplements and other herbal extracts one is allowed to use.

Both of these products are effective in their diverse uses, it just depends on what you want to use it for. The only big difference between the two is in their production and the generally the base ingredient that is used in extraction and making of the final product.

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