Everything You Need To Know About Sports Supplements

Supplements from snac sports nutrition shop are practically an integral part of anyone looking to gain muscle through physical activities, aren’t they? The advances in molecular biology in recent times provide many improvements that are considered beneficial to the body, helping to gain muscle mass and promoting health.

However, the use of supplements mustn’t be done randomly. Monitoring a nutritionist is essential, especially to adapt the consumption of supplements to the body’s needs. Always customizing the diet and calculating the daily needs according to the activity practiced.

If you are doing physical activity, you can use supplements to enhance training effects and not compete with your digestion of regular foods. Our bodies need nutrients from natural foods, and supplements complement nutrients.

Aficionados use several supplements in training, and we can make a list of those that you can use according to your body needs:

Thermogenic Supplements

They help in increasing metabolism. Contribute to weight loss and body fat.

  • Caffeine: also used to fight cellulite, it is used to break down fat cells, increasing the athlete’s performance during training. It should be used with follow-up since it is a stimulant that, if poorly consumed, ends up weakening the body.
  • Casein: a slower-absorbing protein supplement that releases amino acids for longer. Its consumption before bed keeps the body nourished during the sleep period.
  • CLA: In conjugated linoleic acid, this supplement has multiple functions. Controls insulin levels, helps reduce extra fat, and improves cholesterol and triglyceride levels. According to recent research, CLA also has anti-cancer properties. Its use is only recommended through the prescriptions of nutritionists and physiologists.
  • Omega 3: already well known, omega 3, present mainly in fish and flaxseed, can now be consumed in capsules. Its use improves performance during training, increases muscle strength and aerobic power. It can be consumed every day, not exceeding the recommended four grams daily.
  • L-carnitine: It is the preferred supplement for vegetarians, as it will supply the proteins consumed through the meat. It helps in weight loss and improves physical capacity during workouts. Consumption cannot exceed 3 grams daily.

These supplements at snac sports nutrition shop can help you in your quest for better physical shape, but that doesn’t mean that your consumption should be done according to your own will. It must be considered that the body does need nutrients, but they must be well dosed. Excessive consumption can do more harm than good.

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