Top 5 Most Effective Tips to Get Rid of Lice Issues

Regardless of the age, lice can be a major issue of concern. Removing lice from an adult is as challenging as removing lice from a child. Most areas of Boston face lice issues especially in kids at school. Unfortunately, most parents are often ignorant to discuss about it. They feel too embarrassed to even take their kids for a treatment. Gladly, there are many centres that consider lice removal Boston area.

However, if left untreated, lice can create various health issues in children leaving them irritable too. Don’t worry; there are several ways you can get rid of lice. Lice are not an uncommon thing so you don’t have to be embarrassed of it. In fact, the sooner you treat it the better for you and your family.

Top 5 Tips to Get Rid of Lice Issues from Life:

  1. Wet combing:

Wet combing is one of the most known home remedies for lice removal. Get a find toothed comb to remove live lice from the hair. Wet hair combing also helps to remove the eggs laid by lice. Go for wet combing once a week for 3 consecutive weeks as a part of treatment.

  1. Make use of heat:

Wash all the items used by the affected person in warm or hot water. When exposed to high temperature, lice and nits die immediately. You must wash the clothes, hats, accessories, combs, bed sheets, pillow covers, and anything touched or used by the affected separately in hot water.

  1. Clean hair tools regularly:

Cleaning the hair tools is essential as the eggs can get stuck and stay in the combs, dryer, soaps, shampoo bottles, etc… Soak hair brushes, combs, hair bands, hair clips, and other similar hair tools in soapy water for about 10 minutes. Don’t forget, the water has to be hot so that the eggs can die and slip from the products.

  1. Avoid using sprays:

Chemical based sprays and other fumigating treatments can be toxic for hair. You must avoid these at all times until your treatment is on and the lice have gone away.

  1. Medical treatments:

Many centres have professionals who work on affected lice patients. Book an appointment with them and show your child for the treatment confidently. These professionals are highly trained in their respective role and know the job well.

It is always wise to take action than being ignorant. Book an appointment with your nearest centre in Boston today.

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