What Are the Most Common Injuries As a Result of Slip and Falls?

There are a multitude of causes to people slipping and injuring themselves. Wet floors (one of the most common) can cause you to slip and fall. After such an accident, you may be left with minor or severe injuries. Falls are the common reasons why there are many injury rooms in the hospital. If you slip and fall, the accident could make you lose your work productivity, wages, and experience severe pain.  So, if injured after such an accident, what should you do? The right thing is to seek compensation. The slip and fall attorneys at Salamati Law in Los Angeles, CA have provides some of the most common causes of these types of injuries.

Broken Bones

One of the significant injuries you can experience after slip and fall is broken bones. Broken bones will occur due to pressure on your bones that they can’t withstand.

So, a fall will lead to a stressful force on your bones. That may cause your wrist, hip, or ankle to fracture as the common type of broken bone. If you are an elder, you’re likely to break a bone after a slip and fall accident. The good thing, your age or health at the time you get in an accident will not impact your legal standpoint.

Sprained Ankles or Twists

When you fall, you’re likely to make an uneven or unusual step. In addition, you can put your arms to help cushion the fall. So, the ligaments in your wrist or ankles are likely to tear during the fall – thus receiving a strain or sprain.

Knee Damage

In a slip and fall accident, you’re likely to experience knee damage. This is because you’re likely to twist when you fall. A knee is a complicated collection of ligaments and bones. After you get hurt after slip and fall, that may take you a long time before you can heal.

Muscle Strains and Shoulder Dislocation

If you slip and fall, you’re likely to hit your shoulders. Therefore, shoulder strains and dislocations will require you to get immediate surgery. Or begin a treatment plan that determines a long-term prognosis.

Spine and Nerve Damages

The body has fragile spines and nerves. So, after a slip and fall accident, these could be severely affected. The nerves get damaged from direct trauma, cuts, and stretching. Nerve damages are usually permanent or can recover with treatment.

Cuts and Bruises

During the fall, a cut or bruise can occur from internal or external damage. Sometimes, the cuts are not severe, but disfigurement will be a significant loss. After the slip and fall accident, take photos of cuts and bruises for documentation.

Traumatic Brain Injury
When your head hits the ground after a slip and fall accident, this could lead to traumatic brain injury. Sometimes, your head may receive a jolt such that you will receive serious harm. A traumatic brain injury will be dangerous after the accident because you don’t know the severity of the damages.

Soft Tissue Injuries

This kind of injury affects parts of your body without a bone. Some of the soft tissues include tendons, muscles, nerves, fats, and ligaments.

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