The nose is one of the first things we notice whenever we see our faces. It is indeed a crucial part of our face. Sometimes it so happens that we aren’t happy with the way our nose sits on our face, or there might be some internal defect with the nose. There is a misconception that Rhinoplasty Toronto is done only to change the nose’s outward appearance and form. This procedure is also carried out to transform the function and structure which is inside the nose. Some patients who have difficulty breathing or suffer from snoring or chronic nasal congestion also undergo this procedure. A nose job is usually undergone to give the patient a proportionate balance and a functional nose. The procedure can reduce the nostrils’ size and shape and make them look more symmetrical. When this is done, the procedure is known as Alar Base Reduction rhinoplasty.

What is Alar Base Reduction Rhinoplasty?

When your goal is to have a nose that is perfectly in proportion with the rest of your face, then this is the procedure to opt for. This procedure has been designed to give your nose a more balanced look. However, it is crucial to know that there is no perfect measurement for the width of the nose. The surgeon aims to alter the proportions of the nostril to match with the other facial measurements and make it look natural at the same time.

How is the procedure carried out?

The procedure aims to make the nose more symmetrical with the rest of the face. In order to find the perfect width of the nose, the eyes’ position is used as a gauge. In the next step, two imaginary vertical lines are drawn from the inside border of the eye to the nose’s bottom. These are two parallel lines, and the distance between the lines equals the width of the nose. Then a small incision is made inside the nostril. Through this slit, a small wedge of skin is removed. In case you have a large nasal tip and wish to address it. It can be done so during the procedure itself, as this will help create a softer look that will easily blend in with the newly sized nostrils.

How to choose the right surgeon?

Once you have decided to undergo the procedure and make your nose more symmetrical than your face, the next step is to find a surgeon. An experienced surgeon will help you to get the most natural results. Whenever you are undergoing a consultation, ask to see the previous patients’ before and after pictures. This will help you get a clearer picture of the surgeon’s abilities and whether they would be able to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Some surgeons also allow you to design your nose with the help of a 3D Vectra imaging machine. This state-of-the-art technology allows you to choose a nose that would blend in perfectly with the rest of your face.

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