How Does Sylfirm X Work to Tighten Skin without Surgery?

Aging, damaged, or dull skin may lower your self-esteem and make you appear older than your actual age. Microneedling enables skin rejuvenation and revitalization by smoothing, tightening, and renewing it. The microneedling treatment might now be even more efficient and offer excellent, wider-ranging results using Sylfirm X for skin tightening.

What Exactly Is Sylfirm X?

Sylfirm X is a revolutionary radio frequency (RF) energy microneedling device that’s scientifically proven and FDA-certified to handle skin issues efficiently and safely. This next-generation microneedling treatment is the most steady improvement in (RP) repeated ultra-short pulse microneedling technology. Sylfirm X is unique because it only reacts to tissue and abnormal blood vessels, letting it address selectively vascular lesions and excessive pigmentation. Furthermore,  Sylfirm is the first RF microneedling technology that’s FDA-approved for treating neovascular concerns, which include difficult-to-treat problems such as melasma and rosacea.

Sylfirm X transmits RF energy underneath your skin through tiny needles applied on your skin. The RF radiation greatly increases collagen production, which is the fundamental structural element of healthier, stronger, and younger-looking skin. This smoothens, tightens, and repairs the skin, making it appear more radiant and younger, as well as mending or significantly decreasing pigmentation disorders, scarring, and a lot of other skin problems.

What Conditions May Sylfirm X Treat?

In comparison to those other RF micro-needling systems available on today’s market, Sylfirm X for skin tightening features dual wave RF (pulsed wave and continuous wave), eight distinct modes, and the largest needle depth range of 0.3-4.0mm.

Sylfirm X could be employed to address various skin conditions like rosacea, melasma, wrinkles, acne, acne scars, and also on various body parts like your double chin, neck, décolletage, and scalp for the regrowth of hair by changing the needles’ depth, reworking the pulse mode, and changing the radio frequency’s energy level.

This means that Sylfirm X might be tailored not just to treat various people, but also to address various skin disorders or issues on the same person’s face, since we understand the same face might have acne scars, melasma, open pores, wrinkles, and droopy skin simultaneously!



Melasma is a prevalent skin disorder among Asian women that’s both harmless and psychologically devastating. It’s tough to cure and relapses often. Too much sun exposure, age, hormonal changes, genetics, drugs, or pregnancy may all contribute to it. Sylfirm X may cure pigmentation issues like rosacea and melasma by utilizing the pulsed wave mode.

The following are the four reasons for melasma and how it starts to develop:

For starters, in melasma sufferers, the pigment cells or hyperactive melanocytes are readily activated by sun exposure, leading to enhanced pigmentation output.

Second, Melasma sufferers have a basement membrane that’s damaged, which is the structure of skin located between the dermis and epidermis layers.

Third, persons with melasma have increased abnormal blood vessels within their skin. These blood vessels generate VEGF, also known as Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors, which are linked to increased pigmentation in clinical investigations.

Fourth, melasma sufferers’ skin has a high number of aging fibroblasts.

Sylfirm X might not be able to treat melasma, but it’s an excellent tool for controlling it.

Sylfirm X heals melasma by controlling hyperactive melanocytes, reinforcing damaged basement membranes, removing enlarged abnormal blood vessels in your skin, and promoting collagen formation with the use of the pulsed wave RF mode.


Open Pores & Skin Tightening: Facial Rejuvenation

Sylfirm X may also assist to tighten pores in addition to reducing pigmentation. RF is administered at 55 to 60°C into the layer of the dermis using the continuous wave more, offering skin tightening and dermal remodeling.

Other Circumstances

Sylfirm X is especially safe for sensitive, delicate skin and hard-to-treat regions surrounding the mouth and eyes due to the adjustable depth of the needle for penetration and the energy level of RF. Sylfirm X may also be utilized to renew the skin, treat acne, acne scars, and rosacea, and to address hair regrowth on your neck, décolletage, double chin, and scalp.

What Occurs With The Sylfirm X Microneedling Therapy?

The Sylfirm X technology is packed with extremely fine needles. The tool is passed over your skin, producing precise micro-penetrations. The procedure is quick, lasting about 20 to 30 minutes, and it isn’t especially harsh, but you might experience mild discomfort.

Sylfirm X utilizes (RP) repeated ultra-short pulse energy and RF radiation to address skin problems, improve circulation in the region, and promote elastin and collagen formation. This treatment reduces scars, wrinkles, and tightens and firms your skin.

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