Improving Medical Outcomes With Aptihealth: Targeted Solutions and Revolutionary Services

Targeted mental health solutions can make all the difference in the world. Communities throughout the United States have been dealing with an increased need for accessible behavioral health services, mainly from impacts derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. Increased exposure to mental health events has led individuals to pursue the support they need to live better.

Aptihealth plans to transform behavioral care by making it more affordable and accessible than ever. As an innovative digital behavioral healthcare services provider, Aptihealth works directly with patients throughout the New York State market to address their medium, high, and severe acuity-care needs. With quick enrollment and a fast turnaround system, Aptihealth promises its patients care when needed.

Assessing the Behavioral Health Systems Available

Providing innovative and accessible healthcare services is essential due to the significant need patients display in the industry. A published story by Behavioral Health Business revealed several industry trends for individuals to monitor throughout 2023. Among those trends, the publication insisted that digital health providers continue consolidating and merging throughout the year.

From patients’ perspective, the need for mental health support from behavioral sources such as Aptihealth has never been more evident. The World Health Organization outlined the impact that mental health events are having on individuals by merely glancing at the numbers:

  • Depression Disorders impact nearly 21 million adults in the United States alone. Depression also comprises a tangible portion of the preteen and teenage population. Studies show that almost 2.5 million teens have severe depression.
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorders comprise a population of nearly 12 million adults in the United States. PTSD can originate from violent or otherwise traumatic incidents an individual fears for their life.
  • Anxiety Disorders are the most prevalent behavioral health issue impacting individuals today. Studies show that about 42 million adults are collectively affected by anxiety, panic, and obsessive disorders.

Finding Solutions With Aptihealth

Aptihealth aims to provide evidence-based solutions in behavioral health while leaning on and designing a business model that affects patients on a larger scale. Aptihealth has a clear vision that it depends on during its 5-step process:

  • Expand Access to Care
  • Eliminate Financial Hurdles
  • Personalize Patient Care
  • Enable Care Providers to Deliver Positive Outcomes
  • Execute With Integrity and Compliance

Aptihealth is a value-based system operating within the larger healthcare ecosystem. Partnering directly with health systems, physician groups, and community-based programs, Aptihealth ensures that patients are taken into care and directed toward behavioral solutions within days. Throughout the admission process, Aptihealth ensures its providers comply with every HIPAA guideline that mandates respect for the patient’s privacy.

Online therapy sessions are designed to meet the individual needs of each patient. A prescriber is added to the plan if Aptihealth determines that medication should be incorporated into the approach.

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