What is Cannabis Used for?

Cannabis, also called marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant used for medical or recreational purposes. Historically, cannabis has been used for its fiber, seeds and oil, and medical purposes. Today, it is gaining recognition and acceptance for its medicinal benefits and is also the most commonly used illegal substance worldwide.

Medical Uses of Cannabis

  • Pain relief

Cannabis is known for its ability to relieve chronic pain. Certain chemicals in cannabis, including Cannabidiol or CBD, are responsible for its pain-relieving effects. Patients suffering from conditions causing chronic pain, such as endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, often find relief in Windy City Cannabis.

  • Mental disorders

Cannabis is increasingly being used to treat a range of mental disorders, from post-traumatic stress disorder to depression and social anxiety. Further, some studies suggest it can be used in the treatment of symptoms related to autism and to reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco.

  • Digestive Aid

Cannabis is also known for its use as a digestive aid. It has been used to treat disorders such as Crohn’s disease and IBS.

Recreational Uses of Cannabis

Recreational use of cannabis is made primarily for its psychoactive effects. The “high” or “stoned” feeling, euphoria, a general alteration of conscious perception, feelings of well-being, relaxation or stress reduction, increased appreciation of humor, music or the arts, joviality, metacognition and introspection, enhanced recollection (episodic memory), increased sensuality, increased awareness of sensation, and increased libido.

Industrial Uses of Cannabis

  • Hemp Fiber

A significant use of cannabis is in the creation of hemp products. Hemp is a specific variety of the Cannabis plant that’s grown to be especially high in fiber, for use in textiles and other industries.

  • Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are nutritious and can be used in a variety of food products. They are high in protein, fiber, and healthful fatty acids, including omega-6 and omega-3. They also feature a wealth of vitamins and minerals.

Regulatory and Legal Issues

While the medicinal and industrial uses of cannabis are widely accepted, the recreational use of cannabis is mired in legal and ethical controversy. Each nation, and in some cases each state within a nation, has its own laws regarding the production, sale, and use of cannabis products. Despite this, the trend worldwide seems to be moving towards the decriminalization or even full legalization of cannabis.


Homewood, IL Cannabis is an incredibly versatile plant, used widely for its medicinal, industrial, and recreational properties. It has a rich history dating back thousands of years, and its modern uses are just as varied. However, due to historical stigma and outdated legislation, the full potential of cannabis is not yet realized in many parts of the world. As legislations evolve and societal perspectives shift, it is likely that we will continue to see new uses for this ancient plant.

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