4 Things You Can Do That Completely Change the Look of Your Face

If there’s something you dislike about your face, then you may notice it a lot. It can be difficult to be confident at work or in your personal life if you feel self-conscious about your appearance, but there are some simple things you can do that make a big difference to your appearance.

  1. Consider a simple cosmetic surgery

Getting cosmetic surgery can be a positive mood if you’ve tried all other options and are still unhappy with your features. While a nose surgery (called ศัลยกรรมจมูกสวย in Thai) is a big step, and comes with risks, it can be a way to help you feel happier with your appearance. Make sure you go to a reputable surgeon to get the work done.

  1. Improve your skincare

Your face will change for the better with the right skincare routine. Whether it’s an uneven skin tone, dark circles, or breakouts, the right products can be a good way to improve your face’s appearance.

Your skincare routine should include:

  • Daily cleansing and makeup removal
  • Toning
  • Moisturising
  • Weekly exfoliation
  • Regular face masks

Do this routine for a while and you may well notice a number of positive changes to your overall appearance.

  1. Learn to contour

One way to minimise features you dislike, while showing off the ones you do, is learning to contour. Contouring is a makeup technique that allows you to make your face look thinner and more sculpted, without having to use fillers or injectables. Contouring can take some practice you need to ensure everything is perfectly blended and looks natural.

  1. Drink more water

It may sound simple, but the act of drinking more water can have a great effect on your looks overall. Especially if you give up things that are bad for your face like alcohol and sugar. Being dehydrated can actually make you look bloated and puffy, so simply drink more water and less coffee and sugary drinks, and you’ll no doubt notice the difference.

If there’s something you don’t like about your face, there are ways to change it, without taking drastic measures. From proper skincare to the right makeup, you have many options. Of course, there may also be surgical options, which you could consider, as long as you use a reputable, well-known surgeon who can talk you through the process. Take care of yourself and it’ll show in your face and appearance, meaning it’s worth making small changes.

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